Nestled near the Cape Town International Airport, Hotel Verde has unveiled its latest gem: the Verde Vita Spa and Wellness Centre.

In a world where the quest for wellness is akin to a pilgrimage, Hotel Verde has embarked on a journey to craft a haven where weary souls can find solace.

Verde Vita isn’t just any spa. It’s a testament to sustainability, mirroring the ethos of the hotel, hailed as Africa’s greenest. As the world tilts towards eco-consciousness, Verde Vita leads the charge, embracing sustainable practices without compromising on luxury.

Verde Vita Spa Breathing Room
Verde Vita Spa Breathing Room

Guests embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by a team devoted to tailoring experiences to individual needs.

The spa’s crown jewel?

An infrared cabin, harnessing the power of light to detoxify and warm the body.

But the allure of Verde Vita extends beyond its walls. Step outside, and nature beckons. Guests wander through lush gardens, pause by a natural swimming pond, or engage in a rejuvenating outdoor workout amidst fynbos and wetlands.

Verde Vita isn’t just for jet-setters passing through. Caron van Rooyen, the visionary behind the spa, recognized the need to cater to locals and nearby businesses. In a world where workplace wellness is paramount, Verde Vita offers a lifeline, blending spa treatments with corporate offerings.

Picture this: A call-out service that brings the spa experience to your doorstep, catering to nearby businesses within a 3-kilometer radius. And for loyal patrons, a loyalty card program promises discounts and complimentary treatments as a token of gratitude.

As Cape Town airport buzzes with activity, Verde Vita stands as an oasis, inviting all who seek respite from the chaos. Whether you’re a weary traveler or a local in need of rejuvenation, Verde Vita promises serenity amidst the urban hustle, where wellness meets sustainability in perfect harmony.

Call: 021 380 5500 or email

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