If you’ve never traveled by motor home or RV, or thought it wasn’t for you, here are a few tips to set the wheels in motion.

Travelling with a motor home is not just for hippies or retired couples – with motorhome rentals starting at around R1 500 per day for a fully equipped motor home, RV travel is accessible to vacationers of varying ages and budgets.

The benefits

Freedom and flexibility are just a few appealing perks of RV travel. Visiting multiple destinations without having to pack and unpack

Home comforts

Toilet and Shower in the RV (this enables ease and comfort for using the toilet especially at night or showering in privacy instead of using ablution blocks). Gas stove and fridge so you are able to self cater for all your needs.

You have the choice of a 2 sleeper RV, 4 Sleeper RV and a 6 Sleeper RV, the bed system is very simple to set up and can carry up to 200Kg’s.

Most Rv’s have aircon and steps for the ease to climb into the RV.

Choose the right vehicle for your trip

Your budget, destination and the number of travelers are the biggest factors in determining what size and model is best for your trip.

Maui.co.za daily rate for a 6 berth is from around R2 679 – this includes VAT , standard over insurance and unlimited mileage.

They offer a fly in and drive out option, with branches close to major international and domestic airports in Johannesburg and Cape Town. They also deliver to Durban, East London and more cities in South Africa.

Drive South Africa offers rental rates on a 6-berth campervan starting from R1 430 per day, with a minimum rental of 3 days.

Plan your route

Map out your route in advance as smaller roads may not be equipped to accommodate heftier RVs.

Reserve and read up before you hit the road

It’s crucial to reserve campgrounds in advance, especially during summer months and other peak travel periods.

When renting a RV, request detailed instructions from the owner or rental company how to use the RV’s systems, including the generator, air-conditioning, leveling, slide outs, electric and entertainment, as well as how to empty waste tanks and refill fresh water.

Typically, the rental company will conduct a walk-through orientation with the vehicle’s renters. Make sure to take the vehicle for a test drive to get comfortable turning, parking and towing it.

Measure the height

Don’t guess it! You WILL get into situations where a building canopy is too low for you to fit…also remember when parking at a curb that the top of the vehicle may be hanging over the curb due to slope of the street…this can be very embarrassing if you bump a light pole or tree too close to the street.



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