The Big Fry Boerewors has been successful in creating a plant-based version of one of South Africa’s best-loved traditions.

Braaing boerewors is a huge part of South African life, especially in summer, so when The Fry Family Food Company decided to make a plant-based version, they were a bit on edge.

Tammy Fry, Director at The Fry Family Food Co, admitted they knew they had to make something special with the boerewors.

“Braaing boerewors is such a big deal in South Africa, so we knew this new sausage had to really stand out. But, seeing the great response to our Big Fry Burger, we felt encouraged. We know more South Africans are open to trying plant-based options, and to get more people on board, we have to come up with tasty and innovative choices.”

“I believe our Big Fry range will change up braais all over South Africa. We aim to show people across the country that you can braai without meat!”

Our take on this:  As a vegetarian, I always keep a stash of Fry Family Food Company products in my freezer because they’re easy to cook from frozen and ready in 10 – 15 minutes. So, when I heard about the boerewors, I was excited to try it. I’ve tried many plant-based sausages and often felt let down by their lack of taste and texture.

The moment I started cooking the Big Fry Boerewors, the smell hit me – it’s got that boerewors aroma, the same coriander scent you get from the meat version. When I cut into it, I noticed it was juicy, unlike many other dry plant-based sausages.

The casing is made from Alginate – a natural material from seaweed. It turns the same rich caramel brown and looks just like the meat casing. Side by side, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

The texture is crucial for plant-based products. Fry’s nailed the coarse, chewy texture of the best traditional boerewors on the market.

Now for the taste: All those familiar flavors – toasted coriander seed, black pepper, nutmeg, cloves, and allspice – they’re all there!

The Big Fry Boerewors has successfully recreated one of South Africa’s favorite traditions in a plant-based form, and with the growing interest in plant-based diets, it’s come at just the right time.

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