Choosing Our Words Wisely is The Art of Thoughtful Expression

Reaching 50 is an age where slowing down allows us to ponder the impact of our words and actions on others.

For many, it feels instinctive to avoid causing harm through insensitivity or passive criticism. However, not every mature woman shares this perspective.

Recently, I was chatting to a friend who takes pride in speaking her mind without a filter. While in the past, I might have cheered for this uninhibited approach, growing older has taught me the value of pausing and considering the impact of our words. Why speak without thinking, especially when a moment’s reflection can shape how our words are received?

Be graceful

I found it puzzling when my friend dismissed the idea of considering others before speaking. As adults, we’re capable of discernment before words spill out thoughtlessly. Speaking without consideration seemed more fitting for a child than someone older, reflecting a lack of self-control and maturity.

Read the room

As we age, we also develop the ability to “read the room” and gauge how our words will land. Jokes at the expense of others or undermining someone’s worth, even in jest, lack sensitivity and grace. I’ve grown to dismiss individuals who lack discernment and grace in their interactions.

Wisdom and kindness

Getting older grants us the opportunity to accumulate wisdom, kindness, and self-awareness, which can shape our interactions positively. It’s crucial to speak the truth with care, considering its impact. Before speaking, consider if it’s true, necessary, and kind.

This mindful approach extends to our online interactions. If it’s not nice or necessary, it’s okay not to speak or write. Respect differing opinions, avoid unnecessary or unkind comments, and maintain peace.

How about you?

Have you changed how you approach interactions with others? Do you prioritize grace in today’s world? What’s your take on the freedom to express oneself without considering the impact on others?

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