Welcome to a pHresh new beginning in a fresh new year – 2024!

As we say goodbye to last year’s challenges, let’s embrace the new year as a blank canvas. It’s time to discover your ideal pH balance in all aspects of life—personal well-being, skin health, mental well-being, and relationships. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation.

Get ready for a joyful 2024 with my pH guide! pH, measuring acidity or alkalinity on a scale from 0 to 14, influences everything from bodily health to relationship happiness. Here’s a quick guide for a balanced life:

Life: Achieving Daily pH Balance:

Prioritize what matters, create a balanced schedule, and learn to say “no” to unnecessary commitments. Guard your time like a treasure.

Love: Navigating Relationship pH:

Commit to open communication, express gratitude, and share quality time. Small gestures make a big difference. Plan surprise date nights and celebrate victories together.

Skin Health: pH 101 for a Radiant Glow:

Use pH-friendly skincare products, cleanse, hydrate, moisturize, and embrace natural sunscreen for a pHabulous glow.

Self-Love and Self-Care: A pHenomenal Journey:

Prioritize well-being with spa days, hobbies, nature walks, and mindfulness. Create a holistic self-care routine for mind, body, and soul.

Attitude of pH Gratitude: Daily Appreciation:

Be grateful every day by keeping a gratitude journal. Appreciating what you have fosters a positive perspective and maintains overall pH balance.

Everything in Between: The pH of Adventure:

Embrace life’s adventure by trying new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. Create a bucket list and focus on achieving your goals for an exhilarating pH boost.

In conclusion, let 2024 be your pHresh start to a year filled with balance, joy, and self-discovery. Embrace the journey, celebrate the highs and lows, and cheers to a pHabulous year ahead!



Nicole Sherwin is a serial ecopreneur with a mission to inspire more change for good. She is the founder and director of Eco Diva Natural Superfood Skincare and partner at Danish furniture brand SOFACOMPANY and is laser focused on bringing about more consciousness around health and safety in cosmetics, personal care products, care for the environment, care for animal welfare and self-care, something most of us put off as a nice-to-have.

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