Unlock the secrets to aging gracefully and wellness with the power of essential oils.

With menopause in full swing, we’ve recently re-discovered the benefits of essential oils.

So, if you’re feeling more “meh” than magical these 5 essential oils not only help you relax but also give your skin and hair a glow-up.

You’ll look fab and feel amazing in no time!


Give your locks some oomph with sandalwood oil. Using this oil perks up your hair follicles, making your hair look fuller and increases grwoth.

Bonus: Its warm musky scent can even dial down your blood pressure, bringing extra zen to your day.

Volumize your hair with a sandalwood oil conditioner:

Mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil (to plump up hair) with 8 drops of sandalwood oil. Apply it to damp hair, wait for 15 minutes, then rinse it out.


The magical stuff in frankincense oil helps your skin shed dead cells, making it look smoother. Plus, the woody fragrance is a brain fog buster.


Lavender’s got these cool anti-inflammatory powers that help chill out irritated skin and tone down redness. Add a drop to your daily moisturiser.

Lemon oil:

Fade those age spots with a lemon oil cream. The vitamin C and citric acid in lemon oil break down the extra pigment causing discoloration for a brighter look. And that zesty smell? It’s like an instant energy booster! Add a drip to your night cream.


Soothe dry lips with chamomile oil it helps, moisturize your lips and calming any cracks. Mix a drop in with Vaseline and you’ll see a difference in a few days.

Try these out and feel the difference—relaxed, refreshed, and looking fab!

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